Podcast Editing

Quality audio production is an essential ingredient for growing a podcast following. Many podcasters prefer to keep their focus on creating great content, rather than spending time on all the technical aspects.

I can help! Here are some of my podcast production services:

  • Removing um’s and uh’s, noises or extended pauses
  • Removing stumbles, false starts, or accidental repetitions
  • Maintaining a natural conversational pace with all edits
  • Balancing audio levels
  • Audio processing, such as EQ, compression, noise reduction
  • Adding music, commercials or sound effects
  • Optimizing overall volume to industry standards
  • Converting the file into a high quality MP3
  • Adding ID3 metadata to the completed file if requested

Contact me for more info: sandra@sandralevysmith.com

I’d love to help you create great podcasts for your audience!